Some Updated Guidance On Selecting Major Issues Of Fitness

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Glassdoor reported in December 2017 that an estimated 13 million wearable fitness and activity-tracking devices were projected for workplace wellness programs in 2018 -- a dramatic upswing from 200,000 devices just a few years ago. Employers are creating more and more benefit programs that focus on wellness with initiatives that support physical health. Many of these are being developed in partnership with health insurers to provide access to activity and wellness devices, along with program designs that are cost-effective to manage for employees. Ultimately, this Strength Training method leads to a more productive workforce. Plus, it also appeals to prospective employees during the important recruitment process, as job postings now exceed the nations unemployment rate. There are a number of benefits for employers who partner with their health insurer to increase the access to health and activity trackers in the workplace. The top benefits are: A Culture Focused On Health And Well-Being: For many years, work environments have made productivity and profits the top priorities, while health and wellness received little to no attention. The good news is that the advent of fitness and activity trackers, along with other wellness devices tied to specific outcomes and insurance requirements, have moved health to the forefront of workplace culture. This, in turn, creates a stronger sense of camaraderie, happiness and overall employee retention. Enhanced Chronic Disease Management: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , approximately 84 million Americans -- more than one out of three -- have prediabetes.

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