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Fayetteville Police Investigating Break-Ins At Fitness One Gym Posted 6:20 pm, April 19, 2018, by Beraiah Baker , Updated at 04:46PM, April 21, Best Exercise Equipment 2018 FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Fayetteville police are trying to figure out who is responsible for a string of break-ins at Fitness One gym. Nathan Bingham said he found glass everywhere when he returned to his car in the parking lot Thursday morning. After looking around, he noticed six or seven cars in the same condition. "Well my son went to the gym and worked out and when he came out he noticed his window was all busted out," said Chery Iglehart, Nathan's mom. Nothing was taken from the car, but Iglehart said she thinks whoever is responsible was drawn to a medical bag setting on the front seat. "It looks like a little purse, so they probably thought it had money or something valuable in it." Gym employees called police and having them investigate. "He's gonna be pretty precautious about not taking stuff that's valuable to the gym or while his vehicle's locked up or in sight," Cheryl said. Police said they are unsure how much the damage adds up to at this time. Fitness One manager Sars Cole said safety is a top priority for their members and they're looking into adding more security cameras to their parking lots.

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