Recognising Down-to-earth Methods For Fitness

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Just PeakFitPro because it’s August doesn’t mean summer’s over and you shove your bathing suit in a drawer along with your fitness hopes and dreams. Vida Fitness has got you covered with its first-ever Glow Up Challenge, a free, open-to-everyone (not just members) month-long challenge that has six components, including nutrition, workouts, mindfulness exercises, weekly personal assessments, and an element of ~community~ through a Facebook group. The primarily-online challenge starts August 6, and here’s what to expect: Vida Fitness registered dietician Addie Claire  will share super-food recipes for dishes such as sweet potato egg bake and seared tuna stir fry. She’ll also provide a handy grocery list, taking that whole no excuses thing to another level. At the core of the Glow Up Challenge fitness component is progress, not weight loss. Vida instructor Shawn Morris has designed a workout program that gradually gets harder, with plans ranging from stretching to total-body circuits using free weights. The workouts can be done at your gym or at home. Beginning August 8, meet at Vida Fitness Gallery Place for a bootcamp with Vida certified personal trainer Katie Cosper , which will be held indoors or outdoors depending on the weather on every Wednesday in August at 6 PM. Look out for other events at other Vida locations, including weekend open houses where you can work out and meet the instructors (stay tuned for time, date, and location). Reflect on that weekend scooter crash with that most intangible component of wellness: mindfulness. Vida yoga instructor Chris Parkison  will teach meditation tips and breathing techniques to help you get your mind right.

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