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Bodybuilders across the country to join 2018 Fitness Festival in Greenville GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) - In just a few Isometric Exercise Machine hours, the annual Carolina’s Fitness Festival gets underway.  The festival takes place at the Greenville Convention Center.  Bodybuilders from across the country are participating. This year's focus is health, fitness and the sport of bodybuilding.   The event includes vendors selling everything from supplements to beauty products to apparel.      The main event is a natural body-building show. The festival Static Contraction Machine keeps gaining attention every year.   "People are just becoming more interested in their health and fitness, umm in their emotional, physical well-being, so I think something like this is great for a community that's beginning to become more health focus,” said organizer of the Carolina’s Fitness Festival Shar Legree. "I want Greenville to know like if you're you know, doing anything fitness related, apparel-related, like there's something that you can now be a part of you know that's going to be about health and wellness,” said Legree. The festival starts at 9 tomorrow morning and wraps up at 5. 

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